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Mervin Smucker. Millersville University

After graduating from Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio, Mervin Smucker began to work on his Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Millersville University. A public institution located in southeastern Pennsylvania, Millersville University operates within the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. Millersville University currently enrolls some 9,300 students and employs a faculty of more than 450 full-time and part-time students. Founded in 1855 as Lancaster County Normal School, Millersville University initially set out to train teachers. After changing its name to Millersville State Normal School in 1859, the school became known as Millersville University of Pennsylvania in 1983.

Millersville University undergraduates, who comprise more than 80 percent of the total student body, enjoy access to many educational opportunities. Due to Millersville University’s history as a teachers’ college, the School of Education plays a prominent role in undergraduate academic life. The curriculum at the School of Education remains divided into six departments: Educational Foundations, Elementary and Early Childhood Education, Special Education, Wellness and Sport Sciences, Industry and Technology, and Psychology. The School of Education also offers students a number of extracurricular opportunities, including student teaching and certification.

The International Studies program at Millersville University allows students to gain a global perspective and prepares them for a wide variety of careers. Graduates of the International Studies program serve in many different fields, including law, journalism, business, government, and teaching. Many students at Millersville University choose to study abroad at some point in their educational career, traveling to locations such as Puerto Rico, Spain, South Africa, China, and Chile. By encouraging students to extend their education beyond the borders of the United States, Millersville University aims to provide students with an unparalleled cultural education that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Mervin Smucker